Trustee Board

The Union of Kingston Students is a registered charity and so has a Trustee Board, made up of:

  • The 4 full time officers
  • 4 Kingston students 
  • 4 external trustees who are chosen for their skills and knowledge to help the Union’s decision-making.

Trustees have ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the Union, and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public (ie you as a student) for which it has been set up. The Trustee Board meets 6 times a year to do this, but students can raise any issues at any time with any of the student trustees by e-mailing them or just chatting to them whenever you meet them.

Any registered student is entitled to put themselves forward as a Trustee – for more information, e-mail

Student Trustees

There are 4 student trustee posts which are elected separately to full or part time student officers. The student trustees are chosen on an annual basis and can be in post for 3 terms of office. The Constitution outlines the roles of student trustees as:

  • The Board of Trustees shall be responsible for the management and administration of the Union and (subject to the Education Act, this Constitution and the Bye-Laws)
  • The Board’s powers shall include but not be limited to responsibility for:
  1. the governance of the Union;
  2. the budget of the Union; and
  3. the strategy of the Union.
  • The Board of Trustees may override any decision and Policy made by the Members in a Union Meeting or Referendum or by the Student Council which the Trustees consider (in their absolute discretion)
  1. has or may have financial implications for the Union;
  2. is or may be in breach of, contrary to or otherwise inconsistent with charity or education law or any other legal requirements (including ultra vires);
  3. is not or may not be in the best interests of the Union or all or any of its charitable objects.

The Union's current student trustees are:

  • Abigail Tuxworth-Grant 
  • Yousef El-Hana
  • Disha Dikshit      
  • We currently have one studnet trustee vancancy 

External Trustees

There are 4 external trustee positions. These voluntary positions are appointed by the Board to advise the elected students on particular areas of strategic importance - University relations, Finance, Marketing and HR. External trustees are appointed for a four year term and can be reappointed by the Board for an additional four year term. External Trustees can serve a maximum total term of 8 years.

Our external trustees are: 

  • Humah Akram
  • Sayed Alkadiri
  • Matt Denham
  • Paul Jobson


If you would like to contact any of the trustees, please email