we’re a democratic organisation, which means each year we give you the power to decide who you want to run your Union. 

this means we are run by students, for students.

you’ll probably vote in more than one election each year – that’s because we have an entire system that needs filling by KU students. each different role represents a different student identity, activity or course, so we know we’ve got representation of all aspects of KU. 

all these different voices feed back to different people. It can be a little confusing, so we’ve put together this handy diagram – the UKS pyramid. 

at the top of our pyramid we have our trustee board - made up of 4 student trustees (elected by you each year), 4 external trustees and the 4 elected student officers. They make sure we’re doing our job & have the final say. find out more about our trustee board here.

next up, your elected student officers who you vote for each year. 

the president is the highest elected student officer as the voice of the Union and in charge of bringing change. your current president is Feisal –
see more here

the activities & development officer looks into providing students with better opportunities, such as sports, societies and more. Muna is your activities & development officer -
find out more about Muna here

the welfare officer focuses on everything to do with student wellbeing. This includes mental health and faith. Hamad is your welfare officer, read about Hamad here.

the education officer covers everything on your education experience, like working with course reps. your education officer is Kamal – discover more about Kamal here.

we’ve also got a student council who are elected through a number of ways. they’re responsible for bringing forward ideas (known as policies) to improve the way the Union and Uni does things (check out what policies were passed this year). 

we also offer representation to our sports and societies, through the Societies Working Group and Sports Working Action Group, to our community groups, which provide spaces for underrepresented student groups (find out more here) and we also support academic representation by working with the university to manage the course rep system.