notice to quit is the University halls of residences issuing you with a notice that you have broken one or more of the licence agreements and that subsequently you are been asked to leave halls. you are normally given 28 days to move out and find alternative private accommodation

what is breaking a licence agreement?

when you are offered a place in halls, you are requested to pay a deposit and sign an agreement setting out the conditions of your licence. please click here for a copy of the agreement.

will I be given a warning before being issued with a notice to quit?

there are normally warnings from the halls of residence manager before the issuing of a notice to quit however depending on the severity of the breaking of the licence you may not be given a warning.

can I appeal against the decision of issuing a notice to quit?

once you have been issued with a notice to quit, you have 5 days to submit an appeal and it will need to be based on one or more of the following grounds;

  • there were other factors involved in the incident(s) which you were unable or for valid reason unwilling to divulge to the investigating officer
  • there was some material administrative error or irregularity relevant to the disciplinary process
  • the penalty given was disproportionate and unjustified under the circumstances.

you will need to complete an appeal form which you can find linked onto the University's website or you can collect one from halls reception. you will need to provide a written statement explaining why you are appealing and provide evidence to support you appeal. if you need help with writing a statement or are struggling to download the appeal form, please contact us

these will need to be submitted to or to the Student Life Centre in person who will convene a Notice to Quit Panel to consider your appeal. this panel is consists of a member of staff from Student Life Team and a Student Officer from the Union of Kingston Students. once a decision has been made they will write to you with their decision. you do not attend a hearing.

what happens if my appeal is not successful?

if the appeal is not upheld by the Notice to Quit Panel you will be expected to move out of halls by the date stated on the notice to quit letter. you will also not be allowed to visit any halls of residences or apply for halls accommodation during the remainder of your studies. the Halls Manager will also not be able to supply you with a reference for finding private accommodation. you can still access support from the Student Life Accomodation Team who will be able to provide advice on your options going forward. 

if you fail to move out of halls by the date on the notice to quit letter, the University will begin legal proceedings to have you evicted from halls and legal costs for doing so will be passed on to you.

if your appeal is not successful, you will be issued with a completion of procedures letter which means if you are dissatisfied with the University decision you can appeal to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA). more information can be found here. however, you will still be expected to move out of halls by the date specified on the notice to quit letter.

contact us

although we are not working on campus, our advice team are still working remotely. you can contact them by emailing we can then either advice by email or arrange a virtual meeting using Zoom or MS Teams.