Not My Beautiful House

We're opening a Creative Meanwhile space led by students and graduates on Fife Road, Kingston! This is your space; you can host events and workshops (or just attend), sell your work, join our meeting groups, and apply for our part time roles. We will initially open May - August 2021.

Not My Beautiful House FAQs

Find the answers to all your questions about our Creative Meanwhile here

Get involved, showcase your skills, make money!

We want to hear ideas of what you'd like to make or sell. we're looking for a range of products: ceramics, paintings, fashion, jewellery, prints - the more unique, the better. You could have a one off piece, or make a range of your own products.

We also want people to host skills workshops, preparing creatives to sell their work and entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, as well as events to celebrate the creativity, culture and diversity in and around Kingston.

Apply to sell your products, artwork or consultancy services here!

We are particularly looking for art and products we can stock by the end of April.

We're looking for students from all years to take part, as well as Kingston graduates, alumni and residents. Don't be afraid if you've never thought about selling before - that's why we're here to help.

We're going ahead with our project following generous pledges from the Mayor of London and RBK Council! You can still pledge to support us here.