we are here to help! We've put together a list of the questions we get asked most often. have a look below if you need help on a topic. if you can't find what you're looking for here you can also email us at societies@kingston.ac.uk.






can I get a refund? 

refunds are available for 28 days after the purchase of the membership. contact the societies office by emailing societies@kingston.ac.uk, if you require one.








how do I join a society?

the best way to join a society is at the Student Opportunities Festival where you can meet most of our societies, you can then join through the society's page on the SU website.

how much does it cost to join a society?

societies’ memberships are free this year for the first semester (2020/2021). 

how can you purchase society membership? 

you can attend Student Opportunities Festival and look for a society's meet and greet or Q&A to find out more information.If you like what you hear/see you can then pop onto the societies page and purchase your membership there. Due to Covid-19 we are unable to process payments at the Unionb reception.

how long does my membership last?

your membership fee lasts for one academic year's worth of activity; from the start of September until the end of July. if you wish to continue with your chosen programme the following year then you must renew your membership and pay another year's fees.

is there a deadline to join a society?

there is no official deadline, but it's worth noting that the earlier you join the more events, conferences, competitions, and activities you can take part in.

how many societies can I join?

you are welcome to join as many societies as you like but make sure you consider the day and times of their meetings to avoid clashes and your academic commitments.

how do I contact a specific society?

each society has a social media page or a contact email address to get in touch with the club. these can be found on the society's page on the SU website. should you require a specific committee contact then please contact the societies office societies@kingston.ac.uk

I joined a society but they haven’t contacted me, what should I do?

at first, try to contact the society directly using the details available on the A-Z list. if your attempts are unsuccessful, email societies@kingston.ac.uk and the Societies Office can contact the society on your behalf. 







how do I find out about society events?

you can go on the society's individual page and click the 'events' tab on the left-hand side, or email them via their contacts on their page. you can also look on the home page of the SU site under events.

covid and events?

please note that all society events will take place virtually for semester one and may be subject to change for semester two and three depending on covid government guidelines. 







can’t find a society that suits you? or do you have a great idea for a new society?

you can set one up easily! Information on how to set up a new society can be found HERE. there are numerous perks to setting up a society from access to rooms and facilities to networking and collaborating with other students with similar interests; the benefits are endless.

thinking of adopting a society?

you can adopt one quite easily! Information on how to adopt a society can be found HERE.