How do I join a society?

The best way to join a society is at the Freshers’ Fayre, when every society will have a stall to advertise their activities and you can purchase your memberships. If you miss either of these opportunities, society membership can be purchased throughout the entire year from the Students’ Union building on Penrhyn Road campus, Monday – Friday between 10am and 4pm.

How much does it cost to join a society?
Societies’ membership fees vary from £2 - £10, depending on their type of activity. 

Where is the Societies Office and when is it open?
The Societies Office is situated in the main Students’ Union building on Penrhyn Road campus. It is open to walk-ins Monday –Thursday between 10am and 4pm. Friday's the office is closed for admin duties. 

How many societies can I join?
You are welcome to join as many societies as you like but make sure you consider the day and times of their meetings to avoid clashes and your academic commitments.

How do I contact a specific society?
A contact detail for every society is available. Should you require a specific committee contact then please contact the societies office societies@kingston.ac.uk

I joined a society but they haven’t contacted me, what should I do?
At first try to contact the society directly using the details available on the A-Z list. If your attempts are unsuccessful, email societies@kingston.ac.uk and the Societies Office can contact the society on your behalf. 

How do I set up a new society?
Information on how to set up a new society can be found here.

Can I get a refund? Refunds are available for 28 days after purchase of the membership. Contact the societies office if you require one.