This page is an easy way for you to submit ideas and petitions which you want to see changed or implemented at the Union of Kingston Students and Kingston University.  These ideas can be about anything that are going to improve the student experience either at the Union of Kingston Students, Kingston University or the wider community.

When writing your idea or petition, think about the following:

1) What issue are you trying to solve? What do we already know about the issue?

2) How does this impact the student experience?

3) How would you like the Union of Kingston Students to fix the issue? What can we do to help and how can we take this forward?

After you submit your idea, students have the chance to like or dislike your submission.  The more students who like your idea then the more chance it has of becomming union policy.

If you think you've got an idea that can really work, or want to have a look at what other students have submitted and their progress, then click here