can the union help to promote society events?

yes, in many ways, depending on how much notice you can provide and the nature and scale of your event, although the main responsibility for promotion must rest with your Events/ Media Officer as organisers.

the Union can promote your event on the SU website under the 'Events' display. your event can also be promoted on the SU's Societies Instagram page @kingstonuniversitysocieties.

the Union can also put up your posters and flyers (with the union's stamp) on the official noticeboards and communal spaces across campus. however, if you put them on random doors and walls then they will just take them down again!

if I want to sell tickets online, what is the procedure I need to follow?

it’s a really simple process, your Events/ Media Officer or Secretary must first set up an event on your group page on the website. you will then need to create an event ticket (you can have as many types as you like e.g. early birds, Alumni). enter all the other required information including when you want tickets to go on sale, who can buy them and how many and then email with what you want the ticket price to be. please note, you will not be able add the price yourself and it must be done by a societies staff member.

what is the funding applications process?

your society submits a funding application form (note that the deadlines for each month are on the form; as well as how much you can apply for each month)

mary and courtney send these applications to SWG, and then the SWG team will discuss your applications. 

each funding application must contain as much detail as possible in order to make it more likely to be accepted.

this includes a breakdown of all costs, outlined in the application, links to where there will be purchases made, invoices or emails with cost agreements for speakers/DJs etc and reasons why they need the funding.

when you are approved, should you wish, not to purchase the items with your own money, please send over a word document containing all the items you wish to purchase and the purchase link (please add a link even if you have put it in the funding application already as this is for the finance team now and not SWG)

and the address you wish the items to be delivered to (ideally the president or treasures house). We will then order it on the Unions credit card and have it delivered to you. Please then take a picture of the receipt that arrives with the item and email it to us as finance needs to file it.

 in the case that you need to pay a guest speaker,  their invoice will already be on file as you have included it in your funding application the only thing left for you to do is to fill out a speaker request form and email it back to us and await approval.

In the case that you have purchased items with your own money, please fill in a cash request form. Please remember to put your sort code, account number and the name that is on the card in their respective place on the form.

also, remember to state which account you want to use to pay for the items/ services, whether funding or membership. If these things are not included, we will send the cash request form back to you to rectify, thus delaying your payment. 

the reasons for the finance process changing is because we wanted more transparency and to make the process easier and faster for all parties involved.

what is the balance on my society account?

please email the Students’ Union at requesting your account balance, please determine which account either your funding account or your membership account.

why has my invoice not been paid?

the union processes all its invoices on Wednesday and it usually takes 3-5 working days to reach the recipient's account. it’s so important that you put the account holders name, sort code and account number on the invoice when you send it to us. if we don’t have this information it can cause delays and prevent invoices being paid. if you have done all this, please drop us an email and we can make sure that your invoice has been processed or organise for it to be processed.

can we get a float for an event?

please email the Students’ Union at with a detailed request for a float seven days before your event. this will include the date of the event and the amount needed. you will obtain an email stating when you can pick your float up.

do I need evidence to support my claim for expenses?

yes, please attach receipts and invoices to your Cash Request form available under 'Committee Resources' on the SU website.