please note that this information is aimed at providing general guidance for students, it should not be seen as an authoritative statement of policy and procedures. please also refer to the Academic Regulation: GR 3A and 3B: Student Disciplinary Procedure and Guidance here  

the disciplinary procedures ‘outline the process for dealing with allegations of inappropriate student behaviour’ that have occurred both on and off campus.

if you have been accused or if you want to report another student’s behaviour we are here to support you

how can Advice help?

  • explain the disciplinary process
  • provide knowledge and guidance on academic policies
  • review your draft statements for interviews and collating evidence
  • advise you on how best to structure your case
  • accompany you to formal disciplinary hearings
  • provide advice and guidance on appeals against disciplinary outcomes
  • we also provide advice and guidance if you are making a complaint about the behaviour of other students

important information

  • you have a duty to disclose any criminal conviction to the University at the Admissions process and throughout your studies
  • you are required to engage with the disciplinary process at all times and the matter will still continue if you don’t

what are the different levels of misconduct?

level 1          includes persistent disruptive behaviour, behaviour which causes a disturbance or nuisance to others, or behaviour that may impact on health and safety.

examples: offensive communication, misuse or damage or property, persistent late arrival for classes, petty theft

level 2   misconduct including threatening behaviour and bullying or harassment of staff or students. it also includes a failure to engage or comply with a penalty imposed for level 1 misconduct.

examples: abusive or threatening behaviour, bullying or harassment, damage, theft, fraud, criminal offence on university premises etc.

level 3        level 3 misconduct is behaviour which calls into question a your registration at the University. it also includes a failure to comply with a penalty imposed for level 2 misconduct.

examples: non-compliance with a penalty, dealing in illegal substances, physical assault, offences of a violent or sexual nature, fraud, theft, criminal convictions for any of the above.


what happens during a disciplinary interview (for level 1 or 2 misconduct)?

  • you will be invited to the interview by email/letter which will detail the allegations, guide you to the available support and the details of the interview (this usually takes place 5 days after the allegations are made)
  • if you require reasonable adjustments, the disability/mental health advisors should be contacted for advice and guidance before the interview. contact details are below.
  • the interviewer will ask you questions and you will have a chance to respond and provide a statement, evidence and be able to call witnesses
  • you will be notified of the outcome in writing within 5 days of the disciplinary interview.
  • the aggrieved party will be notified that the interview has taken place but not of the specific outcome

if you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you can consider appealing the decision. please find further information here (GR3a) or contact us.


what happens if I am accused of level 3 misconduct?

  • the compliance advisor and faculty representative will collate evidence regarding the case and consider whether the student in question is a risk to others at the University
  • this will then be sent to the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory and Support Department (VCASD) and a student discplinary committee will be called to discuss the case. the committee will include a variety of people from the senior management team. VCASD will also be there to act as clerk and for procedural guidance
  • the committee meeting will be held within 25 days of the allegation being reported.
  • during this time, you may also be suspended from University which may mean you not allowed to communicate with University staff or be on University property (including halls)
  • you will be invited to submit a written response before the hearing, submit evidence and you are able to call witnesses. the witnesses can either attend or provide statements. you will need to submit this statement and a list of witnesses 5 days before the committee meeting
  • you can choose to attend the meeting in person or to submit a written statement

penalties for level 3 misconduct

if you are found guilty, possible peanlties include;

  • final written warning
  • written apology
  • fines of up to £2,000
  • compensation for wasting staff time  (£25 per hour)
  • notice to quite Halls
  • suspension of up to 30 days
  • immediate expulsion

list not exhaustive

the recommendation by the committee will be sent to the Vice-Chancellor (VC) who will approve or reject it. you should be notified of the outcome within 5 days of the VC receiving the recommendation

how can I appeal this outcome?

if you are unhappy with the outcome of the investigation, you may submit an appeal to the VCASD on the following grounds. you must submit this within 5 days of the VC’s decision letter.

  1. there were procedural irregularities in the level 3 proceedings and the irregularities would have made a material difference to the outcome;
  2. based on the evidence available at the time, the outcome is unreasonable; and/or
  3. new evidence has come to light which the student was unable, for valid reasons, to provide earlier in the process and which would have made a material difference to the outcome

the appeal will be considered by a Governor’s Appeal committee. the Appeal Panel will normally be convened within 25 days of receipt of the student’s appeal. whilst the appeal is being considered, any penalty will be suspended (unless due to health and safety issues).

the panel will then decide whether to uphold or dismiss your appeal. if it is upheld, they will decide whether to impose a lesser penalty, request that the committee reconsider the case and dismiss the case. you should be told within 5 days of the outcome.

if your appeal is dismissed at this stage, you will have exhausted the University procedures and will be issued with a completion of procedures letter and referred to the OIA if you wish to continue with your appeal.


OIA and completion of procedures

if the appeal of your disciplinary is not resolved at this stage, then you will have exhausted the university procedures. you will be issued with a completion of procedures letter and proved the details of the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA). for more information regarding the OIA process visit our information page at here

useful contacts

compliance advisors

if your disciplinary is level 2 or 3, you will have contact with the compliance advisors. they investigate level 2 cases and refer level 3 cases to the vice-chancellor’s advisory and support department. you can contact them on +44 (0)20 8417 7312.

student life advisors (mental health or disabilities and specific learning differences)

if you feel that the behaviour the disciplinary is addressing is related to other circumstances such as mental health and disability please speak to the Student Life advisors for more guidance. 

if you are concerned about a student’s behaviour (but they are not in immediate danger or pose a risk to others) please contact this team on 0208 417 7314.

if a student’s behaviour poses a threat to themselves or others please alert the police on 999 or call security immediately on 0208 417 6666.


contact us

although we are not working on campus, our advice team are still working remotely. you can contact them by emailing we can then either advice by email or arrange a virtual meeting using Zoom or MS Teams.