sport clubs are like mini-communities that bring together students with similar interests.

we’d like to think there is something for everyone, being part of sports clubs is a great way to try something new, get active, make friends and broaden your horizons.

it’s a worthwhile thing to do and many students say that their best friends from university were made while engaging and playing sports.

here you will find the documents to best support your club.



Kingston University competes within the British University and College Sport (BUCS) they support universities across to country to get more students active more often, through traditional sport and providing physical activity opportunities.

the information contained in the documents available below is a guide for the captains of the teams that compete on a weekly basis within BUCS

also, committee members are encouraged to complete the documents to be refunded travel, book their minibus for a game and report any first aid incidents.




committee, AGM, elections, handovers and new sports clubs

here you can find all the guidelines to being a committee member. if you have questions regarding conducting online or offline elections, changing your society's constitution, giving the sports office the correct committee details etc., you can find all the answers in the documents below.







events & trips

here you will find all the relevant information needed to plan your sport's events. running fun events consistently is a great way to recruit new members, raise awareness and money and provide socialising opportunities.

please do your best to submit these forms in a timely fashion, preferably a week before the event.




finance is one of the most important aspects of running your sports club. we know trying to wrap your head around finance systems can seem confusing. here you will find step by step guidelines to checking your society’s accounts, submitting finance requests etc.




health & safety

here you will find important forms regarding risk assessments. risk assessments are very important! they help to reduce the risks of accidents and ill health that can cause physical and financial trouble!

it is very important that a risk assessment is completed for sports events and gatherings. please make sure you have informed the sport's office of your event and they can advise you on what to do next.

here are some risk assessments to look at and use:




media resources

here you will find the Union's logos. you may use these on your promotional items like posters and banners.




request a meeting

here you can book a 1:1 meeting with the Sports Development Coordinator to discuss your sports club.