Data Protection Information

Your data is important to us

We're a membership organisation which means at our heart is our students and the information process to make your University experience incredible. We also employ staff, work with suppliers and have customers for our commercial services so the information on this page is for those people too.
The way we manage and process your data is governed by the the Data Protection Act 2018 and these web pages aim to explain how we manage your information inline with the Act and what this means for you. We've been really open and transparent on these pages to help you be fully informed and understand your rights - you can see: how we access your data; how we assess our processing activities; how we gain consent and how you can change your preferences; the training any data processors go through;  who else processes data about you; and our policies for processing data.

The data we process

Your data rights

Accessing data

In each of the privacy statements set out above we outline how you can enact your rights. It's important you understand your data rights and we recommend you visit the ICO Website for more information.

The Students' Union is not a publicly funded body so not subject to FOI requests however every individual has a right to control the data we hold on themselves. Our privacy statements outline how to complete a subject access request.