please note that this information is aimed at providing general guidance for students, it should not be seen as authoritative statement of policy and procedures. please also refer to the Fitness to Practice Procedures for Student Conduct (GR4a) and Health and Disability (GR4b) here

students studying on professional courses (Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work and Pharmacy) have their fitness to practice to enter into the chosen profession monitored by the University during the duration of their course. at the end of period of study, the University signs the student off as fit to practice in the chosen profession.  

if the University has any concern that the student has not abided by the standards set by the relevant professional bodies (NMC, HCPC, NCTL etc) or the University code of practice for students, they will conduct an investigation into the students fitness to practice which may result in a formal hearing.  

during this investigation, you may be suspended from practice placement, any bank work for professional bodies outside of your course as well as teaching at the University.  

how can Student Advice help?

  • explain the Fitness to Practice process
  • provide knowledge and guidance on academic polices
  • review and draft statements for meetings 
  • advice on how to best structure your case and what evidence to provide 
  • accompany you to formal Fitness to Practice meetings

contact us

although we are not working on campus, our advice team are still working remotely. you can contact them by emailing we can then either advice by email or arrange a virtual meeting using Zoom or MS Teams.

useful contacts (Unions)

Royal College of Midwives:

Royal College of Nursing:

British Association of Social Workers:

The Pharmacist's Defence Association:‚Äč