your union

hey there! we're your union.

simply put, we’re run by students for students. a student-elected team of officers lead a plucky team of staff to make your time at kingston so much better.

if you need a host of activities and groups for the good times and support for the bad, we’re here for you.

a bit like mayors of a city, they campaign on issues that you care about and affect you. they work to improve uni life and change the issues that matter to you. we’re politically independent from the uni and represent your views. so if you need us, we’ve got your back.

we've developed a guide to let you know everything about the Union in a whistlestop tour. check it out below. 

Our year in review

we get up to a lot to help the students of kingston university over a year, so we've put together a report to let you know everything we've done. 

Our strategic plan

Union of Kingston Students has been around for many years and we'll be around for many to come, so we don’t just focus on this year, we plan for years to come. Our strategic plan outlines our key objectives and the things we are doing to develop and improve your Union and your university experience.

Our Constitution and Bye-Laws

The Constitution is the formal document that governs your Union. It sets out the rules that we operate by as well as makes sure these rules are efficient, transparent and accountable to YOU the members. 

As members of the Union, you can have your say about our byelaws (how we work on a day to day basis) and our policies (what actions we take) at meetings, or by talking to elected officers or through any of our student voice mechanisms. Keep an eye out for our regular Union Meeting, which is open to all students and takes decisions on policies and bye-laws as well as hearing from your elected officers about what they are doing to make your time as a Kingston student as good as possible.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to discuss something about your education.