take a look at our inactive sports clubs, as you may be able to simply adopt one. this is like a fast-track version of starting a new sports club! 

which sports clubs are inactive? 

we have a variety of sports clubs that can be adopted:



why are these sports clubs inactive?

all of our sports clubs are student-led. they are run by committees, all of which must have a President, Secretary and Treasurer. unfortunately, sometimes sports clubs don't manage to find a committee for the following year. consequently, they can't run and are made inactive.


why should I adopt a sports club?


sports clubs are like mini-communities on campus. they are a great way to make friends with similar interests and increase your social activity. as you know, every sports club needs a committee to run it. if a sports club you like the look of is inactive, you and 19 other students could be the ones to give it a life! committee positions are voluntary roles which look great on your cv. committee members will have to complete a compulsory induction training and will be invited to specialised sports club workshops too. these are great opportunities to enhance both personal and professional skills.


how do I adopt a sports club?


if you'd like to restart one of our inactive sports clubs, let us know! if you're ready, you can find your committee packs here and we'll be in touch!