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Come and Get Wet with us!
the first thing to note is that KUSAC is a student-run, university club funded by Kingston University Students Union (KUSU) and form one branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC). we offer a range of standard and speciality BSAC courses to both new and experienced divers. alternatively, if someone is, PADI qualified they can choose to either crossover to BSAC or carry on through PADI qualifications with our partner PADI clubAquanauts.

joining KUSAC poses a great opportunity to unlock a whole new underwater world which most will never experience. along with this, you will meet many new people, of whom have vastly different levels of diving experience. We hold weekly socials at the pub and hold other regular social activities, so you will get to know everyone very closely, becoming a part of the KUSAC family.

pool training sessions are held every Wednesdays (New Malden Leisure Centre), and Fridays (Putney Leisure Centre) and the lectures are held on weekends. after completing these, you will undertake your qualifying dives in sheltered conditions, such as a lake or quarry, before being set loose in the sea. as a fresher, with no diving experience, you will first have to pass the BSAC Ocean Diver qualification, allowing you to dive to 20m and then progressing to a BSAC Sports Diver, allowing depths up to 35m.

if you think you’re interested in joining KUSAC, come and visit our stall at the Fresher’s fair or join us on

hope to see you soon…