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welcome to Kingston University Equestrian Club          

we really are a friendly bunch and would love to see you at our local riding centre soon!

  • we offer private rides and intermediate and advanced group lessons (Click 'Events' to find out more)
    • ​our private beginner rides are 30 minutes long and are tailor made to your ability. You will usually have the same instructor each week and learn on a variety of horses.
    • our intermediate lessons are group based and last for one hour. these lessons work on you riding skills in a more serious matter. You will start to learn more complex manouveres and may be allowed to hack sometimes. you will usually have the same instructor and will occassionally have different horses to ride on.
    • our advanced group lessons are also one hour long and they work on more advanced skills. a few examples are the warming up and cooling down of a horse the proper way, leg yields, jumping and you will also be allowed to hack out. various horses will be used to help you to adjust to different riding types. a similar instructor will be teaching you throughout the year. 
    • we also occasionally have 45 minute private rides available for intermediate and advanced members
  • you dont have to come every week, we're students too - we get it!
  • we (KUHRS) offer up to 50% off the stables original prices. ​these prices currently stand at:
    • £25 for a private 30 minute lesson
    • £30 for a private 45 minute lesson
    • £35 for a private 45 minute jumping lesson
    • £35 for a group one hour lesson or hack
  • £5 yearly membership
  • we often hold socials and a variety of equestrain themed trips/events so join us and make new friends
    • ​in previous years, we have held gymkhanas (also known as mounted games) and also show jumping competitions for the more advanced riders
  • free ride assessments available with any lesson purchase - so you can get the most from your sessions!


about the rides:

please ensure you are 10 minutes early for your ride so that you can get hats/ boots fitted and are ready at the right time. cecause we have a lot of members it will be a tight turn around for the rides. if you are late for your lesson then unfortunately you will just get a shorter lesson or potentially forfeit it altogether.

please wear comfortable clothes - leggings/ tracksuits are good but avoid jeans.

Boots/ Hats/ Gloves/ Body protectors can be provided and we have some items in a KUHRS box at the stables. if you borrow these just please remember to return them.



if for any reason you need to cancel a ride, please let me know by Monday midnight on the week of your ride. the riding centre has a 24hour cancellation policy which also applies to us. if you let me know in the right time then I can try to organise a refund/ postpone your lesson until the following week. if it is too last minute and after Monday midnight then unfortunately you will lose your money as per the stables policy (although you could think of it as a donation to help feed and look after the beautiful horses!) 


find more information at https://www.facebook.com/groups/730842773607928/

or alternatively email us at kuhorsesociety@hotmail.co.uk or Beth K1726791@kingston.ac.uk