Set Up a Society

Looking for a society that sparks your interest but can't find one? Why don't you set one up!


Starting a society here at the Union of Kingston Students couldn’t be easier! Not only is it a great way to develop new skills, but you will meet likeminded individuals at University and have fun. Your society could run a range of events such as social activities, talks and debates, fundraising, games, competitions, trips – whatever your society members would like!

The Societies Office team will give you all the training and information to get your society started and once affiliated with the Student's Union you will have access to funding, room booking, Union resources and more.


How do I set up a new society?

To start a new society you first need to come up with a name and detailed aims and objectives for your society. The new society proposed must not duplicate the aims, activities or objectives of other ratified societies or conflict with the Student’s Union Constitution and Bye-Laws. The society then needs the backing of 10 students who would become paid members if the society is ratified. You will need to compile all this information into a society constitution which is the governing document for your group.

Once completed, send your constitution through to the Societies Development Coordinator on by the deadline listed below. There are 7 application deadlines per academic year, so don’t panic if you miss one.


Next application deadline:

13th October 2019


The Societies Development Coordinator will then check over the constitution to ensure all required information is completed. All completed constitutions will then be sent to the Societies Working Group (SWG) after the deadline to decide on the application. The Societies Development Coordinator will then contact you regarding the status of your application within 10 working days of the deadline.


What happens once my society is approved?

Once the society has been ratified as a Union affiliated society, you will be required to attend society training and asked for information to set the society up on the Union website. The quicker this information is sent to the Societies Office team, the quicker your membership numbers increase. Please note, you are not an official member of the society until you have paid your membership.

At the first meeting of the society the committee will need to be elected in. These include the compulsory roles of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Media Officer and any other roles outlined in your society constitution. The society will also receive up to £50 start-up funding, room booking entitlements, use of Union and Societies Office resources, access to additional funding and more!