can’t find a society you’re passionate about? starting one here couldn’t be easier! your society could run social activities, talks, debates, games, competitions, fundraising, trips – whatever your members would like! 

to start a new society, follow these simple steps.

1. come up with a name, aims and objectives (but make sure they don’t mirror other existing societies or conflict with the Union’s Constitution or Byelaws)

2. find at least 10 people who would want to become paid members if the society existed

3. put all this information together into a society constitution (the governing document for your group) 

you can find a copy of our constitution here 

what happens once my society is approved?

once the society has been approved as a Union affiliated society, you will be required to attend society training and asked for information to set the society upon the Union website. The quicker this information is sent to the Societies Office team, the quicker we can get you up and running. please note, you are not an official member of the society until you have paid your membership.

once this is all completed, the society will also receive up to £50 start-up funding, room booking entitlements, use of Union and Societies Office resources, access to additional funding and more!