Course Reps

Course Reps are elected students who:

  • Gather issues and suggestions you have about your course
  • Bring those issues to the staff in your school or faculty through direct meetings and Student Staff Consultative Committees/Faculty Forums
  • Seek the views of students on all aspects of your courses - from teaching, to library resources and more.
  • Receive training and are fully supported from the Union of Kingston Students and Kingston University to enable them to be the best Course Representatives and develop great skills.
  • Support your Union of Kingston Students student officers as they represent you across the University to ensure that the student voice is clear, consistent and effective

Who can be a Course Representative?

  • Any student at the University can become a Course Rep, all you need is the right attitude.
  • Course Reps should be enthusiastic, have the ability to listen and communicate effectively and be fully committed to the role.
  • Course Reps are elected in class during the first few weeks of each semester. The course lecturer organises an election. It’s quite simple, no big speeches required. Just give a quick “hello", tell the class your name and why you would be a good Course Rep.

Why become a Course Representative?

  • You can make a big difference to your degree and your University.
  • Outstanding Course Reps could win the Union's Course Rep of the Semester Prize!
  • It will add an extra spark to your CV by improving your communication, presentation, and many more skills - Graduate Employers love this!
  • You will be eligible to take part in the Course Reps award scheme including becoming a Senior Course Rep.
  • There will be training provided to ensure you have the support you need to be a good Course Rep and give you skills to put on your CV

How do I become a Course Rep?

  • At the beginning of term your course tutors will ask who wants to  become a course rep and represent the views of everyone on the course.       
  • You might be elected in a vote or be chosen by a show of hands.
  • You must attend training run by the University and the Students' Union in order to qualify as a Course Rep.