we work alongside the Uni to help support course reps & the course rep system.

“The thing I’ve enjoyed most about being a course rep is being able to help people through my voice. A lot of concerns & issues that were raised by students were passed onto appropriate staff members” – 2019/2020 course rep

course reps are elected by their course mates to become their ‘voice’. they’re your main point of contact between students and staff. that means they take your feedback, ideas or issues and present them to your lecturers, heads of school and other relevant staff at course rep meetings called Student Staff Consultive Committees (SSCC), which happen once each semester. your course rep should ask for your thoughts before these meetings so they can give uni your feedback. 

course reps will also work with your school reps (formerly senior course reps – find out more here), who can take issues to a higher meeting, called Board of Study, which also happens once a semester. the ‘higher up’ uni staff attend this meeting. your school reps will work with your education officer – think of them like the head course rep of KU who represents all course reps in some of the highest and most important uni meetings. 

this system means your issues (no matter how big or small) have the potential to be changed which gives you the chance to shape and improve your course just by telling your course rep your thoughts. 

we get it - course reps really do have the power to bring change. but what are the other benefits of being a course rep?

being a course reps gives you the chance to: 

  • develop key skills in areas such as communication, leadership, organisational and persuasion (the kinds of things future employers want) 
  • a role that can be put on your CV and goes towards Kingston Award points
  • gain an in-depth knowledge of how the uni works (so if you like being nosey, this is a role for you) 
  • network with your class mates and lecturers, as well as other course reps.
  • win course rep of the semester (& a £100 Amazon voucher) or an academic impact award for best course rep in your faculty.

how can I become a course rep? 
course reps are normally elected at the start of the uni year, however, you can become a course rep at any time. 

to find out how, or for any questions relating to course reps, drop us an email at representation@kingston.ac.uk, or speak to your personal tutor or faculty student officer.