Support for Course Reps

Need Support? We’ve got your back!

As your Student Union, we are here to support you in your role as a course rep. We value student voice and think it’s important that you should have a say in the way your course is run and managed. You will see us at your training sessions and we will run termly catch-up sessions with you to find out how your role is going. This is a chance to network with other course reps, discuss any issues and celebrate all your hard work!

However, you can always contact us before then. If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues with your role, such as feedback not being taken seriously, then please contact us. We are independent from the university so we are able to represent you on any issues or feedback.

You can contact us by emailing your Education Officer, Muhammad Muneer:
Or alternatively email the Student Union at:

Or if you'd rather speak to us face to face, then come and visit us in our office – our office is located in Penrhyn Road (go the reception in the Main Building and then turn left to find us).