Society Awards 2018



The Society Awards are an annual black tie event to celebrate the accomplishments of 100+ Union of Kingston Students societies.  Held at an external venue, the themed event brings students and staff together to celebrate the effort, commitment and successes of societies throughout the year. It is one of the largest and most important events on societies calendar and involves a themed ball and site down meal at a local venue. The theme shortlist is chosen by the Society Working Group (SWG) and this is then opened

to society members to vote for through an online poll. Previous themes have included Alice in Wonderland, Circus, Masquerade and Mardi Gras. With extravagant decor, thrilling entertainers, a photo booth and candy cart, it is a night not to be missed!



There are 13 awards overall with 5 categories awarding individuals rather than group societies. To find out more about the award categories and download your nomination forms CLICK HERE

The winners are decided by a committee of staff and society working group members and nominations are marked against a criteria for each award. 



Winners 2017

Global Festival Society Event of the Year: Somali Society– Culture Night: Play, Performance & Food

(SHORTLIST: SKAS / Somali / Hindu)

Society Event of the Year: KEFS – Wonderfair


Best New Society: Yoga Society

(SHORTLIST: SKAS/ Cult Media/ Yoga)

Achievement of the Year: Hindu- NHSF National Kho Kho Competition Winners

(SHORTLIST: ISOC/ Hindu/ Punjabi)

Most Active Society: KEFS (Entrepreneur & Finance)


Most Improved Society: KUPSA Society (Pharmacy)

(SHORTLIST: Amnesty International/ KEFS/ KUPSA)

Treasurer of the Year – Nitin Ralhan: KEFS

(SHORTLIST: Nikki Barnes – Horse Riding/ Malik Kart- ISOC/Nitin Ralhan - KEFS)

Secretary of the Year – Nasreen Uddin: ISOC

(SHORTLIST: Splash Morales – D.A.T.A.S.S/ Nasreen Uddin- ISOC)

Media Officer of the Year – Susannah Felstead: A Cappella Society

(SHORTLIST: Ibtehal Abdul – ISOC/ Susannah Felstead- ISOC)

President of the Year – Saniya Sajjan: KEFS

(SHORTLIST: Rahul Batra – D.A.T.A.S.S/ Saniya Sajjan – KEFS / Maimunah Elmi - Somali)


Outstanding Contribution to Societies:

Hamad Momin: ISOC (Islamic)

Ginne Ronne Bolling: Amnesty International Society

Maimunah Elmi : Somali Society

Adam Tahiri : Connect UK Society

Laura Tapply: Horse Riding

Rahul Batra: D.A.T.A.S.S (Drama)


Appreciation for our Society Working Group 2016-2017:

Jamie-Leigh Fish – Liberation & Campaigns Officer
Alayna Zangie – SWG Chair & Cultural Officer
Hamad Momin – Faith Officer
Rachel Imlay - Academic Officer
Emma Owens – Arts & Activities Officer

Winners 2016

Global Festival Society Event of the Year – Connect UK : Traditional Ceilidh Dance

Society Event of the Year – Hindu: Roshni 2016

Best New Society – Drama 

Most Active Society – Hindu

Achievement of the Year – ISOC: Charity Week 

Most Improved Society – Somali Society

President of the Year – Chelsea Beam: A Cappella Society

Treasurer of the Year – Vichruti Haris Hkumar: Hindu Society

Secretary of the Year – Disha Patel: Hindu Society

Media Officer of the Year – Jessica Tansley: A Cappella Society


Outstanding Contribution to Societies :

Sumal Kodippili : Sri Lankan Society

Buddhi Sammu Arachchige : Sri Lankan Society

Rui Daniel Jaime : Luso Society & Alternative Curriculum Society & Enactus Society

Michael Goodman : Connect UK Society

Sachin Patel : Hindu Society


Appreciation for our Society Working Group 2015-2016 :

Amie Larsen – Liberation & Campaigns Officer
Mohamed Mohamed – Cultural Officer
Kennedy Gyebi – Faith Officer
Shanna Antonio - Academic Officer
SWG Chair & Ryan Gray – Arts & Activities Officer

Winners 2015

Global Festival Society Event of the Year – Hindu

Society Event of the Year – Luso : AKALA Conference

Best New Society – Personal Development

Most Active Society – Hindu

Achievement of the Year – Entrepreneur: Kingston Nest

Most Improved Society – Horse Riding

President of the Year – Bhavik Vara- Hindu Society

Treasurer of the Year – Vichruti Haris Hkumar – Hindu Society

Secretary of the Year – Laura Saunders – LGBT+ Society

Media Officer of the Year – Hannaa Hamdache –M.A.D History Society

Outstanding Contribution to Societies :

Tom Whitewood : KUVeGaS & SWG
Bashir Ibrahim: ISOC
Laura Tapply: Horse Riding Society
Dennis Aguma: Entrepreneur Society
Dipak Pindoria :Hindu Society

Appreciation for our Society Working Group 2014-2015 :

Elaha Walizadeh – Liberation & Campaigns Officer
Shahmina Begum – Cultural Officer
Haitham Al-Hatmi – Faith Officer
Kate Stevens - Academic Officer
SWG Chair - Tom Whitewood – Arts & Activities Officer

Winners 2014

Global Festival Society Event of the Year – UNAKU

Society Event of the Year – KUPSA

Best New Society – Buddhist

Most Active Society – Hindu

Achievement of the Year - ISOC

Most Improved Society – Anime, Sci-Fi & Tabletop Gaming

President of the Year – Rui Daniel Jaime- Luso Society

Treasurer of the Year – Iben Ore Nielsen – Psychology Society

Secretary of the Year – Pramod D Vithanage – Sri Lankan Society

Overall Officer of the Year – Omar Malik – ISOC

Outstanding Contribution to Societies

  • Ives Kabayabaya : WBTA Society
  • Rasheed Ige : Nigerian Society
  • Gabriella Bergin –Cartwright : Entrepreneur Society
  • Bhavik Vara:  Hindu Society
  • Shahmina Begum: KUPSA


Winners 2013 

MOST ACTIVE SOCIETY 2013 :  Feminist Society 

EVENT OF THE YEAR 2013 :  UNAKU – Model UN Conference 

ACHEIVEMENT OF THE YEAR :  HCO: Life Sciences (Help Create Opportunities) 


BEST NEW SOCIETY 2013 :  Nigerian Society 


  • Jess Falk
  • Lizzie Carse
  • Alicia Lawrence
  • Edward Hyatt
  • Ibrahim Gbede

SECRETARY OF THE YEAR 2013:  Caroline Candal (UNAKU) - KU United Nations Association 

TREASURER OF THE YEAR 2013:  Naomi Martin (Connect UK) 

PRESIDENT OF THE YEAR 2013 :  Chima Chukwu (Nigerian Society)


Winners 2012

Most Active Society - United Nations Association at Kingston University 

Event of the Year - History Society for ‘KUHS at the Movies’

Achievement of the Year - Islamic Society for their fundraising week

Most Improved Society - Business Society

Best New Society - Psychology Society

Outstanding Contribution to Societies - 

  • Elina Street
  • Ibrahim Ali
  • Jamie Pipkin
  • Nazli Tarzi
  • Oren Teichmann
  • Pete Goring
  • Ray Kathuria
  • Rita Serghis
  • Sean Kelly
  • Shayan Dolab

Officer of the Year - Sean Kelly


Society of the Year 2012 

 Computer Geeks