Guide to Motions

What is a motion?

A motion is essentially a suggestion of how the Union should be doing things. If you have an idea of how we could improve the way we work, or if you want to change something we do, then you can write a motion and submit it to a meeting for either Student Council to vote on or for students attending the AGM to vote on. 

How do I write a motion?

For help with writing your motion, check our our Understanding Motions 101 guide here! 
You will also need to write up your motion on our Motion Submission form. 

How do I submit my motion? 

You must email your motion to the Student Council Chair on university days before a Student Council meeting and 5 univesity days before our AGM.

What happens if a motion is passed? 

Motions pass when the majority of people at the meeting vote in favour of it. Once the motion has passed, it becomes part of the Union's policies for the next three years.

You can view our active motions here! 

If you would like anymore information, or help on submitting a motion, please drop us an email at