Get involed in our Student Council!

Every KU student can attend our council meetings and get involved in debates, submit motions to improve your Student Union’s policies, or even run to be a Student Councillor.

Student Council is place to find out what is going on in your union and university and where your voice can be heard, but remember, only Student Councillor’s can vote! 

Student Council Nominations are now open!

To become a Student Councillor, you will need to create a manifesto that tells people why they should vote for you! Student Councillors are elected by either a cross-campus ballot, or by the group they represent, dependent on the seat they run for. 

Find out what seats you can run for and how to stand by clicking here! 

Nominations close at 12pm on Wednesday 6th November.

Voting begins at 9am on Thursday 7th November and closes at 5pm on Friday 8th November!

If you’d like more information, email: