Student Council

Student Council provides any student with the opportunity to influence the policy, activities and priorities of the Students’ Union. Any student can submit ideas to the Student Council to discuss and debate, but only elected members of Student Council can vote.


What does Student Council do?

Student Council are responsible for:

  • Setting the direction of the Union’s policies and priorities

  • Awarding the Union’s Campaigns Fund to student projects

  • Holding all of the elected Officers to account 

  • Giving students from a cross-section of groups a voice on Council and Union campaigns

  • Making and amending the Union’s Bye-Laws (how we run!)

They meet a minimum of 6 times per year during term time.


Composition of Student Council

Student Council is made up of:

  • An Independent Chair - elected by the Student body, to oversee the meetings. 

  • 8 Campus Reps - elected by the Student body, with 1 Undergraduate and 1 Postgraduate representative from each Campus. 

  • 5 Liberation Networks Reps - elected by the individual Networks, with the Disabled and Mental Health Network having 2 representatives. 

  • 7 Sections Networks Reps - elected by the individual Networks, with the International Students Network having 2 representatives. 

  • 5 Senior Course Reps - elected by Course Reps, to represent the 4 Faculties and 1 for students studying at St Georges.  

  • 3 Working Group Chairs - elected by the Societies, Sports and Ethical Volunteering Working Groups.