Drama, Acting, Theatre And Social Society

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The Drama Society

Our aim is to give all Kingston University students the opportunity to express themselves! We hope to explore the various walks of life and to be a creative platform for all, who perform. We're all about building confidence and encouraging a creative atmosphere through play, improvised games and structured sessions. No prior drama experience is needed, it's all in good fun! 

We organise:
• Weekly society sessions from 6 to 8 pm
• Socials
• Special events

And more to come!

Whether you only want to attend a few workshops here and there, only want to attend our theatre trips or join us at our socials, you can attend as many or as little of what we organise as you like!

And as always, everybody is welcome to join!

Like our facebook page for more information

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DATASS-682654761871558/ 

Or contact us via email: 

Email: datasssociety@gmail.com

Membership fee: £5