Reduce the time required for a guest speaker to be approved.

by Stephanie Johnson 02 August 2017, 12:01

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This idea is the result of a motion passed at our Big Student Meeting (BSM).  You can read full details of the motion here.


This motion retained pending status as it was taken to the Trustee Board for further consideration. The Trustee Board supported the motion but accepted that the process is complicated and that much of that is part of the university process. The Union will aim to get through requests in one week, but the university are now insisting that they require three weeks. The Union will include mandatory fields on the guest speaker form to ensure full information is submitted first time by students requesting guest speakers.

The Union will be talking to the university about reducing the time they need to review the guest speaker policy and the underpinning rationale. We will lobby the university for additional vetted rooms for external speaker meetings and will ask the university to approve more university managers for the high and medium risk events.

If you require any more information on this policy, or would like an update on where we are in conversation with the university, then please contact your Union Development Officer, Patrick Tatarian: