Lobby to Reduce the cost of Laundry in Halls of Residence

by Deleted User 08 January 2018, 18:18

Category: University Petition


Motion Proposer(s): Ojevwe Evwodere (K1319505)

Motion Seconder: Karyn Miranda (K1700130)


Union AGM Notes

  1. Most students feel that the cost of laundry is too expensive.
  2. This cost sometimes rises without prior warning being made to students.
  3. The current cost of washing is £3 per wash and drying is about £1 per dry. This amounts to £16 per month, and £168 over the cost of the 42 week stay that a student would stay in halls for. This is a Hidden Cost on top of the cost of rent, food, and other maintenance costs.


Union AGM Believes

  1. Students are already feeling the pinch as the cost of living is constantly on the increase.
  2. This additional charge just for a student to be able to wash their own clothes is unfair when students are currently struggling with their finances.
  3. The cost discourages students from doing their laundry at frequent intervals, which can lead to hygiene issues.


Union AGM Resolves

  1. Lobby the University to reduce the cost of Laundry.
  2. Push for students to have a greater say in how their accommodation is run and how contracts are awarded so that things are run for the benefit of providing a good service to students, not just profiteering.
  3. As rent in halls currently covers bills (e.g. electricity, gas, water), this cost should also be inclusive of laundry so as to minimise the hidden costs associated with living in halls.