we know you love helping others. and we love helping you do it. that's why we're launching Kingston Gives, a brand new way to raise money for the causes you care about and want to support. 

Kingston Gives is all about you and the causes you love. you and your friends or Society decide who you're raising money for, we set you up with a fundraising account to collect your funds in and keep them safe while you do your events. then you can get planning your fundraising activities!

whether that's a quiz or a bake sale, a pantomime or a triathalon, there are hundreds of ways to raise money in fun and interesting ways with your friends. check out our fundraising events page to get some inspiration!

Kingston Gives is supported by students who are passionate about fundraising and chariable works. our fundraising committee is a goup of students who have learnt a thing or two about fundraising over the years and can offer advice and support if needed. think you've got what it takes to get your cfriends and classmates raising money? you might be a perfect fit for our Fundraising Committee too!