The changes to the Kingston Law School do not benefit current or future law students

by Stephanie Johnson 23 January 2018, 14:51

Category: Academic Support

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Motion Proposer(s): Thisakar Arunasalam K1532171

Motion Seconder: Myraiel Newry K1423070


Union AGM Notes (This is what the author believes to be fact, eg “Most students owe money in the form of student loans)

  1.  Law students will be not be graduating from the Kingston Law School with a qualifying law degree but from another University faculty.
  2.  The University did not take the courtesy to inform the general student body or any law-affiliated student groups on the major change.
  3.  Law students have not participated in the major changes that are implemented as part of the 2020 plan.
  4.  The University website has not informed the general public on the change of faculty name till present which will affect future law applicants.


Union AGM Believes (This is much more opinion-based, and if passed, will become the policy of Union of Kingston Students. eg “Student debt is not a good thing”)

  1.  Law students will not be fully represented anymore.
  2.  Since Kingston Law School does not have a physical building, to get rid of the name means that students will not be able to approach employers with the label of a law school attached with their degrees.
  3.  The well-being and the circumstances that affect students of the faculty of Law are not represented taken into full consideration when major changes are implemented
  4.  The seriousness of the changes were not discussed to students


Union AGM Resolves (This is the main thrust of the motion and gives the practical mandate to Union of Kingston Students, eg “For Union of Kingston Students to campaign against student debt)

  1. Union of Kingston Students to campaign against unreasonable changes made by the University
  2.  Union of Kingston Students to campaign for better communication made by the University
  3. This will help the Union of Kingston Students to campaign for stronger University rules that supports students