Stop charging us to enter the Knights Park Bar

by KATE IVINSON 22 October 2018, 08:48

Category: University Petition

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Many fundraisers at the Knights Park bar charge on the door for entry to those who have already been at the bar before the event was even set up. They then proceed to charge £2+ for the people in the bar to sit and listen to a spotify playlist. It has got to the point where those who have been sitting outside having a drink have been charged to go inside and use the toilet. Or you have to pay to get back in to get your belongings having been to the toilet. 

Of course students should be able to run fundraisers at the bar. But it should not mean forcing those who are just there for a drink and a catch up with their friends (before the event is set up) have to pay to get in and out. Charges should be for joining in with specific activities or events that the fundraisers have put some sort of effort into. Not on the door for bad music.