Elior - Food and Staffing Issues

by Stephanie Johnson 23 January 2018, 14:22

Category: Catering

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Motion Proposer(s): Elif Bulut K1418365

Motion Seconder: Ellen Baldwin K1013933, Daisy Du Toit K1324730, Ilaria Ferrari K1509156


Union AGM Notes (This is what the author believes to be fact, eg “Most students owe money in the form of student loans)

  1.  The food in the canteen does not maintain variety with nutritional value and is expensive.
  2. KU has a policy on modern slavery which recognizes the London Living Wage.  Elior employees are paid £7.50 an hour which is below the London Living Wage (£9.40ph).
  3.  Elior management are not abiding to their employee contracts as staff who are supposed to be paid for their overtime have had this rejected.


Union AGM Believes (This is much more opinion-based, and if passed, will become the policy of Union of Kingston Students. eg “Student debt is not a good thing”)

  1.  The prices & quality of the canteen food is unsustainable for students paying £9K per year.  KHill students pay the highest prices and do not have alternative options. 
  2.  Students should have a say in who supplies our food & the prices as we are the pay masters of this university.
  3.  A university is a place of ethical standards which our current catering suppliers don’t honor.
  4.  Students have a responsibility to question the standards at which Elior operate at Kingston. 


Union AGM Resolves (This is the main thrust of the motion and gives the practical mandate to Union of Kingston Students, eg “For Union of Kingston Students to campaign against student debt)

  1.  For  Students, the SU and University to stand by Elior employees who are paid below the London Living Wage & National Living Wage by lobbying Elior to change this.
  2.  the Student Union & University to boycott Elior as a primary catering supplier in their internal & external events/meetings.
  3.  Students to sign the petition and letter to Elior head office expressing our concerns with the current situation at Kingston.
  4.   Students to make each other aware, think twice about buying from the canteen, and to keep in mind that we have the power to change this.