Disability Students

by Stephanie Johnson 23 January 2018, 14:47

Category: Social Activities

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Motion Proposer(s): Tobi Green (K1438227)

Motion Seconder: Angelika Karczewska (K1420286)




Union AGM Notes (This is what the author believes to be fact, eg “Most students owe money in the form of student loans)

  1.  Sports/Societies are not inclusive enough to students with disabilities.
  2.  Committee members don’t have the knowledge on how to include people with disabilities across the board.
  3. Disability awareness events in any campus i.e. disability awareness is always forgotten.
  4. No disabled events for people to go to with regards to student union. (with exception of KUTALENT who have events for employment not activities.)



Union AGM Believes (This is much more opinion-based, and if passed, will become the policy of Union of Kingston Students. eg “Student debt is not a good thing”)

  1.  Promote inclusivity across the board.
  2.  Promote personal growth and awareness for all people with or without disability
  3.  Active participation for all (in university life/experience)
  4.  Kingston should be the leading University for true disability inclusivity and encouragement.



Union AGM Resolves (This is the main thrust of the motion and gives the practical mandate to Union of Kingston Students, eg “For Union of Kingston Students to campaign against student debt)

  1.  Have events for disability awareness day
  2. To have trips and activities that everybody can be involved in by connecting with organisations (locally and internationally) for funding and correct training information, equipment, vehicles etc..
  3.  Have training for all student union members/staff and societies.
  4.  Have a monitory rule to have a specialist who is of knowledge employed by the University.


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    ANDREA MARIN ALVAREZ   wrote, 22-11-2018 - 23:43

    Hello! I think everything said here is extremely true. I would like to ask you, are you currently doing anything related to promote awarnness or integration? If you are, could you please get in touch with me? I would love to get involve. Andrea

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