Designated Smoking Area

by Stephanie Johnson 23 January 2018, 14:22

Category: Facilities

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Motion Proposer(s): Brittany Granda K1731812

Motion Seconder:  Wasif Shaikh K1735668


Union AGM Notes (This is what the author believes to be fact, eg “Most students owe money in the form of student loans)

  1.  Penrhyn Road does not currently have a designated smoking area
  2. There are signs posted near JG and main entrance, but students still smoke in that area


Union AGM Believes (This is much more opinion-based, and if passed, will become the policy of Union of Kingston Students. eg “Student debt is not a good thing”)


  1. Smokers need somewhere to go


Union AGM Resolves (This is the main thrust of the motion and gives the practical mandate to Union of Kingston Students, eg “For Union of Kingston Students to campaign against student debt)


  1.  For Kingston to build/have space for smokers in a location that is easily accessible, but doesn’t impede other students


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    TAJA LEWIS   wrote, 19-11-2018 - 13:49

    People are allowed to smoke in front of the main building

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