Consent Workshops*

by Stephanie Johnson 02 August 2017, 12:58

Category: Welfare

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This idea was created after a motion submitted to the Big Student Meeting was passed with a wide majority.  You can read full details of this motion here.



After meeting with the Student Engagement Team from the University, the Union of Kingston Students now have a student representative on a stakeholder panel which will decide how funding is spent in regards to sexual harassment on campus.

The proposed motion stated the need for compulsory consent workshops. Unfortunately, at university it is very difficult to make anything compulsory as students are ultimately paying for their education and will make their own decisions about what they will attend. As a result, we are working closely with the university to develop mechanisms that will keep harassment at a minimum whilst educating students on these types of sensitive issues and empowering them to take action when necessary.

If you would like to talk more about this and get involved, please contact the Student Welfare Officer, Daisy Bow du Toit,