Meet your Candidates!

check out the students below & view their manifestos to decide who you want to represent you this year!

independent chair 

they govern each Council Meeting to make sure they’re on time, all items on the agenda are covered, everyone’s voice is heard and a clear decision has been reached. think Speaker of the Commons, minus the order, order! 

Panda - Manifesto

Nafeessa Hossain - Manifesto 

Deeqa Hassan - Manifesto 

Reopen Nominations -  Manifesto

4 open roles 

these students have a campaign idea that they are passionate about and what they want to see worked on throughout the year. there are four avaliable roles so you can vote for more than one person

Zahra Khan - Manifesto 

George Gaid - Manifesto 

Christopher S Ulus - Manifesto 

Ihab Zertal - Manifesto 

Reopen Nominations - Manifesto 

campus reps 

these students will represent each of the four campuses and make change on issues that effect their campus. all students can vote for all campus roles - not just the one that you live or study at! 

pr campus 

Nathalie Pirie - Manifesto 

Cecilia Arminio - Manifesto 

Reopen Nominations - Manifesto 

kp campus 

Cara Gaskell - Manifesto 

Reopen Nominations - Manifesto 

kh campus 

Rashi Somaiya - Manifesto 

Reopen Nominations - Manifesto 

rv campus 

Ahamed KMR - Manifesto 

Yashvith - Manifesto 

Reopen Nominations - Manifesto 

community groups reps 

only members of the community can vote for who they want to be their rep - and you can check them out here. if you want to vote in these in elections, join the community that you indentify with (don't worry, its free!) and then you will be able to vote for who you want to represent you! 

postgrad & part time community rep 

Aaditya Dixit - Manifesto

Reopen Nominations - Manifesto

lgbt+ community rep 

Shane Simpkin - Manifesto 

Reopen Nominations - Manifesto

disabled & mental health community rep

Daniel Bakic - Manifesto 

Reopen Nominations - Manifesto

made your mind up and want to vote? 

1. Go to
2. Login using your ‘K Number’ via the big purple button at the top of the page
3. Cast your vote for each position

Voting closes on Wednesday 4th November at 5pm