Elected Officers

We’re your Full-Time elected officers; we are always on hand to offer students any help they may need. We do this through encouraging and developing student engagement with the Union and the University. We sit on various University committees to ensure the Student Voice is represented at all levels of University decision-making.

Each of us represents the campus at which we studied. We will spend two days per week out-and-about on our respective campuses to gather student feedback and ensure students are aware of Union opportunities and events. We are the main contact for Course Reps and are the people to ask with any queries related to your wellbeing.  

In addition to our responsibilities to our campuses, we each focus on a different aspect of the Union’s operations. Our knowledge of Union and University policies and procedures comes from our experiences as students, which include being Course Reps/Senior Course Reps, working part-time, volunteering, and serving as officers in Societies.

We come from a wide range of backgrounds and are therefore quite diverse and have a generous amount of experience from which we can draw upon to help you have an enjoyable, meaningful time at Kingston. 

You can find out more about this year's student executives using the side menu but don't forget to look out for their friendly faces around campus!