the purpose of the Sports Working Group (SWAG) is to ensure all sports clubs and their members are fairly represented within the Union, the University and involved in the decision making process concerning sport. the group also guides and assists in the running of sporting events such as varsity, cougar chaos and sports awards. SWAG meeting monthly during term time to

  • provide feedback on operational issues affecting the sports clubs.
  • facilitate decisions made at sports AGM.
  • allocate the sports additional funding.


there are 6 roles within the committee, each of whom have a different remit.

  • chair - leads the committee and chairs all the meetings. represents sports at union student council meetings and other union or university events
  • 3x Subgroup reps (BUCS, champions and recreational) - represents all the clubs within their subgroup. feeds back to the committee on any problems or concerns that the clubs face
  • inclusivity - ensures the practices of sports clubs are accessible for all students to take part in. work with the committee to create new ideas on how to increase student engagement in sports
  • events - organises sports wide events such as cougar chaos. liaise with sports club on their participation in Union-wide sports events


all positions must be elected and will be done during the AGM. each candidate will be asked to speak for a minute on why they would like the role. the individual with the highest number of votes will be elected into the role. more information to follow on how to be elected will be announced soon.