What is SWG?

The Societies Working Group (SWG) is made up of 5 Student Representatives that are elected by societies at the annual general meeting; one to support each society subgroup. Faith, Academic, Liberation and Campaigns, Cultural, Arts & Activities SWG are elected to ensure that all Societies are fairly represented within the Union and the University, helping the development and delivery of Societies at Kingston University. The group also supports the societies office in the planning and running of Union Society events including Global Festival, Society & Volunteer awards and Fresher's Fayre. SWG meet monthly during term time to:

  • provide feedback on operational issues affecting societies
  • plan and assist delivery of key events
  • Attend Subgroup activities and assist societies with annual planning
  • facilitate decisions made at Societies AGM
  • allocate the Societies Additional Funding

The chair of SWG is elected by the 5 SWG representatives during the first working group meeting. They are still responsible for their own subgroup but the chair is also the societies development coordinators right-hand man when it comes to making decisions in societies. They have the final decision if SWG cannot come to a majority vote and also attend Executive committee meetings as the societies representaive.

Fore more information please see the Society Working Group Role Specification 

Your Current Society Working Group for 2016-2017 (September to September) are:

Alayna Zangie –  Chair of SWG & Cultural Representative  


Jamie-Leigh Fish –  Liberation and Campaigns Representative


Rachel Imlay –  Academic Representative


Emma Owens - Arts & Activities Represe


Hamad Momin –   Faith Representative