Guest Speaker Request

If an external speaker will be attending?

Email to at least 4 weeks in advance.

The process takes 4 weeks because we must research and then have it authorised by by the legal office or vice chancellor.

  • RESEARCH – please include on your sheet as much as possible paying attention to anything that could be perceived as negative. Please include the topic of conversation too.Contact details (email address) is COMPULSORY.
  • PROCESS - If the speaker is authorised they will be given a risk level. This level is suggested by the union and then agreed upon by the head of legal services.

Why is this necessary?
•Student welfare            
•Freedom of speech/equality act (9 characteristics)
•Reputation/assets at risk
•Incite to break law/inappropriate
•Social unrest/disruption from intruders

Risk Level

LOW - They have no known risks associated with them and have agreed to our value statement.

MEDIUM - They have some or a risk associated with them. Additional control measures may include ID cards, signed value statement, committee responsibility.

HIGH – They have high or many risks associated with them. Additional control measures may include Union presence, sign in and ID checks, KUSCO security, signed value statement.

*** These lists are non exhaustive.

Value Statement

The university and Union have a JOINT value statement that all guest speakers need to agree to before they attend site. They can do this via email or by signing and sending the form back in the post.

The value statement is a carefully prepared document that covers KU/Union’s mission, policies and values (can find it online)

Full training for student committee members of societies can be found here

Guest Speaker Form

Guest Speaker Value Statement