what are school reps? 

school reps are new this year (20/21) and replace senior course reps.  

each faculty at the uni are made up of several schools and each school will elect 2 School Reps. school reps are there to support course reps and will meet with them regularly to find out what’s going on. they’ll be the first point of contact for all course reps within their school and keep them informed of developments, decisions and outcomes of their meetings. 

school reps will work in partnership with the Education Officer, Kamal, by attending SSCCs, Board of Study and the Faculty of Education Committee. they’ll also meet with other school reps and Kamal to find out what’s happening with other course reps across KU. 

school reps gives each school a fair chance of having their feedback raised to a higher level within the uni. this means that your issues will have more of a chance of being solved! 

details of who your school reps are will be released soon.