About Me

Hi there! I am honoured to have been chosen again by you to be the Roehampton Vale Officer for another year. I hope that my prior experience will serve you all well, and with that, my secondary remit is to Lead on Union Development.

I first came to Kingston University in 2012 through clearing, originally to do a foundation year. I have now recently completed my degree in Aerospace Engineering, giving me first hand experience of the unique struggles & hardships that students at Roehampton Vale experience on a day-to-day basis. With a passion for being at the forefront of the student voice, I became a Course Rep from day one, and kept at that role right until the end of my studies. I also gained valuable insights into how the university works through working as a Student Ambassador.

In addition, as proof of my dedication, my daily commute to Kingston originates in Essex! So I have first hand experience of the problems students face when they don't live close by.

My Role

My campus remit is to give a voice to Roehampton Vale students, who's concerns have traditionally been overlooked. My aim is to push for the changes needed at Roehampton Vale in order to make the student experience just that bit more enjoyable, and to help change the attitude within the upper echelons of the university to end the sense of Roehampton Vale being like an outpost and an afterthought.

My lead remit, being that of Union Development, involves looking very closely at the strategic development of the Union, working with our Senior Management Team to oversee and mointor our operational, sustainability & financial performance, as well as working very closely with Student Groups & University Departments to help unite and establish good working relations between them. University meetings that I sit on include:

- Property Assurance Group (PAG)
- Transports Implimentation Group (TIG)
- Waste Management Steering Group
- Elior Contract Review Meeting
- University Oversight Meeting
- Monthly Police Liason Meeting
- Bus Users Grouo
- Education Committee (Observer)

In addition, I also work closely with our Representation Team to help deliver Union Governance & Democracy, ensuring all students are able to participate in Union Democracy and making sure that all students know that the Union is there for them!

Contact Details

Email: P.J.Tatarian@kingston.ac.uk or rvofficer@kingston.ac.uk

Telephone: (+44) 020 8417 4905 (ext: 64905)