Kamal Mohamed - VP Education Officer

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

If there two things you need to know about me, it’s that I love poetry and politics. Sometimes I like to enjoy them both at once. Well, it’s either that or travelling around the world.

what did you study at KU?

I did a BA in politics with business and an MA in international politics and economics. 

what do you do in your role? 

my main purpose is representing the academic interests of all Kingston University students.
that basically means I deal with things that need to be taken further up or cannot be dealt with by course reps. It also means I sit in a variety of meetings where we make a decision on academic policies. It is important to know that my role is to judge when to use direct or representative democracy. At times I will make decisions on your behalf, and other times it will be either informed by research or made by the student population directly.

why did you get involved in the SU? 

To make a difference. It sounds simple, but I honestly believe that change can only occur when ideas meet genuine passion. I hope that passion comes across.

how are going to impact my life at UKS? 

If I can, I would like to make your experience better. My main goal is to be accessible. It should be easier for you to contact me and as a result, resolve your academic problems quicker.

what are you passionate about? 

food. i'm in a committed relationship with food. 

how can i contact you? 

you can email me at vpeducation@kingston.ac.uk or attend one of my virtual drop in sessions.