How To Stand

Our nominations for Student Elections are now open! Please remember you have to nominate yourself, no one can do it for you.

The brand new postions you chose

There's 4 student officer positions to choose from, you can only run for one. You'll take a year's break during or after your studies, and you'll get a salary. 


Chair of the Board of Trustees and represents the Union on the Board of Governors. Lead Officer on the development of the Union, strategic oversight of the Union's commercial services and spokesperson.

Activities and Development Officer

Lead Officer on Student Activities, including sports, societies and volunteering. Additionally covers student skills and development, around developing student careers. Attends relevant University committees to the role.

Education Officer

Lead Officer on Education, including oversight of learning spaces, course representatives and focusing on students' educational experience. Attends relevant University committees to the role, such as Senate, Board of Governors sub-committees and Education committee and leads on academic policy reviews.

Welfare Officer

Lead Officer on Student Welfare, including oversight of the Union's Advice Service and areas such as student finances, mental health, liberation and housing. Attends relevant University committees to this role and leads on non-academic policy reviews.

The part time positions

If you'd rather represent students during your studies, we have part time postions available

  • 6 NUS delegates (3 of whom identify as female)
  • 4 Student Trustees

Key Dates

Here are all the dates you need to know about if you're running.

  • 28th Jan - Nominations Open
  • 11th Feb - Nominations Close
  • 18th Feb - Hustings (Candidate Debate)
  • 19th - 21st Feb - Voting Period

How do I stand?

For you to stand, we need...

  • A photo of you 
  • A manifesto 

This year, we're introducting footers with will need to go on every manifesto and poster you'll print

You must use our footer for your poster/ manifesto, which you can download here. We must approve your posters before you put them up, so please make sure you send them, along with your photo, to by 14th February at 23:59, otherwise they won't be authorised! 

How to use the poster footer: 

  • The footer must be placed on the poster at full width (goes from edge to edge).
  • Don't crop, rotate, or change the footer in any way
  • It must be placed at the bottom of your posters, and you need to use either a landscape or portrait depending on your poster.
  • Download the footer and examples on our Dropbox link

Click here to see the rules and regulations.

Stand today

Got a question? Pop us a message on whatsapp (+44) 078 9822 9621