17 Things You'll Be Doing As Student Officer

We hope you're already thinking about standing in the student elections. To give you an insight into life in the SU, we've written 17 Things You'll Be Doing As Student Officer. 

1. Earn £21,000+ a year 

Did you know you get paid for being a sab? You do now!

2. Just for representing your friends and fellow students' views

You have the power to start making changes on campus. This could be anything from getting more water fountains, to keeping Wednesday afternoons free from lectures. 

3. Argue with university staff (not compulsary)

Something you feel strongly about? Tell them! You'll sit in on uni committees with staff from all uni departments (and get all the goss), so if there's something affecting students, you can have your say. It also means you'll be the first to hear any changes being made. 

4. Get some great work experience

What looks better on your CV than leading a team that represents 18,000 students?

5. Officer Away Day 

To ease you into the role, we take you on a mini break. Last year, we got a huge house for everyone to stay in in Brighton. 

6. Create events you want to see on campus

...and you don't have to do it alone. If you want to run events, we have a team to help!

7. Get an industry leading mentor

We'll even provide you with a mentor, leading in the industry, to help with your personal development. You'll develop your skills, strategies and capability with this!

8. Fighting for student rights

As a Union, we're constantly running campaigns fighting for student rights. You'll know you're making a difference to lots of students and learn a lot from this!

9. Visit different cities for NUS conferences 

It's part of the job description! From Birmingham to Cardiff, there's conferences all over the country. We'll book you into a hotel and get you there.

10. Help us develop Freshers' Week 

Who knows what students want more than, well, students! We need help making sure our Freshers' Week is right for you all.

11. Coming into work wishing it was Friday everyday on Freshers' Week 

We don't want to say we expect it, but it happens.

12. Being a trustee

Once you're a sabb, you're a trustee. This means you'll sit on the trustee board, who ultimately have the say on everything that happens in the Union. 

13. Think outside the box 

You'll want to make your role as Sabb different. Some Sabbs have introduced nap rooms, one even put on a Dominos club night...

14. Free hoodie with your name on!

15. Constantly changing the direction of the Union

You'll be helping shape our strategy and how we do things, which means you'll see in real time the difference your work is making.

16. Networking

You'll meet all sorts of people in different roles (and forget oh-so-many names) that can be helpful to you later in life!

17. Lead your own work

You control your own work. You can decide what you want to work on, and when. Obviously there's some things we need you to do, but most of the time you take the lead. 

Hopefully this has given you an insight into life as an Officer. If you have any questions about running, whatsapp us on (+44) 078 9822 9621. 

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If you don't want to stand but know someone you think should, you can recommend a friend here.