A publicised list of the Student Council Papers for the Academic Year 2018/19

The first meeting of the Student Council took place on the 19th November 2018 at 5pm.
Kamal Mohamed November Officer Report
Elliot Spiers November Officer Report
Whaqar Hussain November Officer Report
Petar Lachev November Officer Report
Parents Network Motion  - PASSED
SWAG Inclusivity Officer Motion  - PASSED

The second meeting of the Student Council took place on Monday 10th December at 17:00 in PRSB3027
Kamal Mohamed Officer Report
Elliot Spiers Officer Report
KU Cares Network Motion - PASSED
LGBT+ Acronym Change - PASSED
LGBT+ Gender Neutral Toilets - PASSED with 1 amendment: "SU to lobby the University"
Council Vote Change - PASSED
Officer Censure - PASSED - 1 censure to Kamal & Whaqar
Prevent - PASSED - Officers must update council with investigation
Palestine Solidarity BDS - PASSED
Student Council Oversight  - PASSED - oversight of Council responsibility of the Chair 

The third meeting of the Student Council will take place on Monday 21st January 2019 in PRSB3027 at 17:00
Chair's Report
Guest Speaker Policy
UKS EDI Policy
Kamal Officer Report
Elliot Officer Report
Whaqar Officer Report
Societies Email Motion - REFERRED TO SWG
Societies Vote of No Confidence Motion  - PASSED WITHOUT AMENDMENT
Societies Vote of No Confidence Amendment to Motion

The fourth meeting of the Student Council will take place on Wednesday 27th February at 16:00 in PRJG5002
Chair's Report
Elliot Spiers - Officer Report
Kamal Mohamed - Officer Report
Whaqar Hussain - Officer Report
Elliot Spiers - UD Officer - Censure
Muna Ali - UD Officer - Censure
Rochelle Watson - UD Officer - Censure
Shane Simpkin - Campaigns Fund - Motion
Shane Simpkin - Network Mailboxes (Emails) & Request to Send - Motion
Shane Simpkin - Network Reps Training - Motion
Shane Simpkin - Transparency - Motion
Shane Simpkin - Update Network Advertisememt / All Union Advertisement - Motion
Shane Simpkin - Website Call to Action - Motion