every KU student can attend our Student Council meetings, submit motions to the agenda and participate in debates, but only Student Councillors have the power to vote on policy! having a seat on Student Council puts you at the heart of the decision making in our Student Union, and means that issues that could be affecting you can be raised, heard and voted on!

what position could I stand for?

independent chair: open to all students and elected through a cross-campus ballot. they govern each Council Meeting to make sure they’re on time, all items on the agenda are covered, everyone’s voice is heard and a clear decision has been reached. think Speaker of the Commons, minus the order, order!

4 open positions: open to all students and will be elected through a cross-campus ballot. to run for this role, you’ll need a campaign idea that you’re passionate about and focus your manifesto on that. students will vote for the campaign they want to see be worked on throughout the year.

4 campus reps: open to all students and elected through a cross-campus ballot. the 4 seats represent each of our 4 campuses –1 Penrhyn Road rep, 1 Knights Park rep, 1 Kingston Hill rep and 1 Roehampton Vale rep. if elected, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss issues specific to your campus. top tip - make sure you run for the campus most of your lectures are at! 

4 faculty course reps: only open to course reps. the 4 seats represent each of our 4 faculties - 1 SEC faculty course rep, 1 KSA faculty course rep, 1 BSS faculty course rep and 1 HSCE faculty course rep. if elected, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss issues that affect your faculty. make sure you run for the faculty you are a part of.  

10 community group reps: only open to members of our community groups – check them out here. join a community you identify with (don’t worry, its free!) then you can nominate yourself to be their rep – other members of the Community will then vote for who they want to represent them. find out more info here.

how do I stand?

1.    take a look at the list above and figure out which position suits you best.

2.    log in here - in the top right hand corner underneath your name click ‘my account’

3.    look on the left hand side and click ‘my nominations’.

4.    submit a nomination for the position you want to go for.  if it is a Community Representative position you must join the community first! 

5.    you can either write a short manifesto into the box provided (up to 250 words) or email us one at representation@kingston.ac.uk (max 1 side of A4). 

advice on how to write a manifesto can be found here

nominations close on Wednesday 28th October at 9am. 

during this period it is up to you to campaign for votes from students to get elected into your wanted position.

voting opens at 9am on Monday 2nd November and closes at 5pm on Wednesday 4th November  

any questions, send us an email.