every KU student can attend our Student Council meetings, submit motions to the agenda and participate in debates, but only Student Councillors have the power to vote on policy! having a seat on Student Council puts you at the heart of the decision making in our Student Union, and means that issues that could be affecting you can be raised, heard and voted on!

Below are the current vancancies that we have; 

what position could I stand for?

 community group reps: only open to members of our community groups – check them out here. join a community you identify with (don’t worry, its free!) then you can nominate yourself to be their rep – other members of the Community will then vote for who they want to represent them. find out more info here. we currently have vacant roles in the BME community, International community, Parents community, Mature and Carers community, KU Cares community and Professional and Commuter communtiy 

how do I stand?

Please drop us an email to representation@kingston.ac.uk