Student Council Committee Members 2018/19

This is the list of candidates who were elected into position for 2018 and include a list of the Network Reps.  A full breakdown of results can be found here.   


Independant Chair - Ramla Salad -  Manifesto 

Undergraduate PR Campus Rep - Marcia Latter-Knight - Manifesto

Undergraduate KP Campus Rep - Amir Naseri - Manifesto

Undergraduate KH Campus Rep - Aysel Salieva - Manifesto

Undergraduate RV Campus Rep - Ahamed KMR - Manifesto

Postgraduate KH Campus Rep - Shanav Shah - Manifesto

KSA Senior Course Rep - Jeanette Holt - Manifesto

HSCE Senior Course Representative - Rochelle Watson 

SEC Senior Course Rep - Jillian Birad - Manifesto

BME Network Rep - Ella Greaves-King - Manifesto

Mental Health Network Rep - Nicola Pratt - Manifesto

Non-EU International Student Rep -  Shanav Shah

Mature and Carers Network Rep - Jeanette Holt - Manifesto

Postgrad & Part-Time Network Rep - Sean Mcalinden-Barber - Manifesto

Professional Practice & Commuter Network Rep - Jess Cooke -  Manifesto

Disabled Network Rep - Yousef El Hana

EU-International Network Rep - Hristos Duta

Women's Network Rep - Shanice Lewis-Spencer

LGBT+ Network Rep - Shane Simpkin