Student Council Open Positions Bye-Election

Every KU student can attend our Student Council meetings, submit motions to the agenda and participate in debates, but only Student Councillors have the power to vote on policy! Having a seat on Student Council puts you at the heart of the decision making in our Student Union, and means that issues that could be affecting you can be raised, heard and voted on!

What is an Open Position?

Open to all students and will be elected through a cross-campus ballot. To run for this role, you’ll need a campaign idea that you’re passionate about and focus your manifesto on that. Students will vote for the campaign they want to see be worked on throughout the year.

There are 4 Open Positions within Student Council. 2 of these were elected in our Student Council elections in November and we ran a bye-election in January 2020 to elect for the two vancant roles and the following were elected to council 

Nabeel Qazi - Manifesto

Full breakdown of results can be found here