Candidate Transparency

Below are the upehld complaints in the 2018 Student Elections.  If you wish to make a complaint regarding this election please email

1. Wednesday 21st February 2018 - Aditya Tandon - Private halls manager sent an email out to all halls students requesting they voted for Aditya.  Complaint upheld and warning received.  Aditya says:

"Sorry for this breach of regulation. We all make mistakes and we should be given a chance. #At_KHOfficerIsSorry"

2. Youssef El Hana - Postered private retail shops which is a breach of election rules.  Complaint upheld and warning received.  Youssef says:

"As your Kingston Hill candidate, I apologise for leaving my manifesto in a takeaway for you to read and inform yourselves. 
I was unaware it was against regulations and therefore please take this is as my apology.
#TeamYoussef #Helpmehelpyou "