Royal Opera House Society

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The new Kingston ROH Society aims to make the prestigious world of opera and ballet accessible to all students. Whether you have visited the Royal Opera House before, or are a complete newbie (like some of our committee members), anyone and everyone is welcome.

Why not bring your friends, flatmates, or a Tinder date?!


This society is an affordable and relaxed way to both enjoy what ROH has to offer, and be part of a university society. 


We will aim to attend at least one live performance each term with discounted tickets only available to our students. The deals we can get are huge bringing seats worth £100+ down to just £5! A FIVER, PEOPLE!!!!


In addition to performances, we will organise:

Trips to special student insight days

Volunteer opportunities

ROH costume workshop visits

ROH late nights

Books at Brunch

Live at Lunch performances


All of these experiences are hosted by ROH and many are exclusive to students, so don’t miss out!

They are ticketed, but through #YoungROH we hope to offer these opportunities for a fraction of the price… or even for FREE!!


As a society, we will also host events here in Kingston, as well as collaborative experiences with other London universities. These will include social nights, cinema screenings, and obviously there will always be some sort of Christmas special… 


All of the events are optional to attend, so you can pick and choose the productions and events that suit you. Just enjoy yourself


To join the society register your personal email (NOT YOUR KINGSTON EMAIL) to Young ROH here:

and join our Facebook page: