Postgrad & Part-Time Student Community

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Welcome to the Postgraduate & Part-Time Student Community

This community is for all students who are currently enrolled onto a Postgraduate course or as a Part-Time Student. 

Join our community to socialise with other Postgrad & Part-Time students, share your experiences and work together to make sure your Students’ Union and University understands and meets the needs of all Postgrad & Part-Time students.

We can achieve this by working together to run campaigns that educate the student body, celebrate our diversity and by changing or creating policies that make sure the university create an equal and fair environment. Being part of our community means you get to use your experience as a Postgrad & Part-Time student to improve your uni for future Postgrad & Part-Time students.

The Postgrad & Part-Time Community is run by Postgrad & Part-Time students, for Postgrad & Part-Time students. Each year we will elect an Postgrad & Part-Time Student Community Rep, who are responsible for organising meetings, representing us on Student Council and liaising with the Student Union. 

It’s free to join our community and you can decide how much time you commit. Membership in this group is anonymous. 

So join our community for the chance to meet new people, improve your uni and create a legacy for future Postgrad & Part-Time students.

For more information, please email: