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Kingston University Pole Fitness Society


Have you ever wanted to move with the grace of a ballerina, be as flexible as a gymnast and have the strength of an athlete?

Or, are you bored of the gym, tired of outdoor runs and in need of fitness inspiration? 

We are currently looking for student sign ups to create the pole fit society so we can bring teachers to the campus and visit clubs as a group. We are not yet recruiting for a society, but looking to see if people would be interested if we set one up! 

Pole fitness has evolved in the past decade and tranformed into a revolutionary form of exercise and lifestyle. It combines acrobatics, gymnastics, cross-fit, contortion and most importantly self expression.

It's a fantastic way to stay in shape and feel like an incredibly sexy and empowered athlete, and a perfect opportunity to meet new people and make friends across all KU courses.. 

Don't worry if you've never tried out pole before, KU pole is suited to all levels especially beginners and to females and males alike!

After a few classes, you'll be sure to see some noticeable improvements in your strength, stamina, flexibility, tone and health - By this time, you'll be hooked ;)

Over the course of the year, we will train together, hold student showcases and go on trips to national and international pole competitions in the UK. 

Please sign up if you would like to see a pole fitness society at Kingston and we can use these contacts to get one started!