LGBT+ Student Network

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Membership in this group is ANONYMOUS. Your data will not be shared.

We are here to represent all students who identify as LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and all individuals with varying gender and sexuality identities).

Our purpose is to give a louder voice to the LGBT+ students inside Kingston University & The Union of Kingston Students, bring LGBT+ students together and run campaigns & *facilitate a safe space for students to socialise (Student Networks have a duty to hold a minimum of one event per semester).

The leader of the LGBT+ Student Network has the responsibility to attend meetings held by the Union of Kingston Students, and will send out regular e-mails to keep you informed of updates / events.

*We are lucky to have the KU LGBT+ Society who have and will continue to provide a safe space for LGBT+ Students every week during the academic year.

Membership to the LGBT+ Student Network is and will continue to be free.

Current Network Leader: Shane Simpkin.

Contact us at or find our social media below!